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My name is Koran Dunbar - I am an actor and comedian originally from Hartford, CT. I now balance my time working, acting, and performing stand-up comedy all across the United States.

I love to entertain by provoking thought and laughs from my audiences. Ever since I was 6 years old, I have been involved with some form of entertainment. I enjoy performing and meeting new people on the road.

Here are my head shot and acting resume:

Right now, I am working on the post-production of Greencastle. We filmed Greencastle over the Summer of 2011 with cinematographer, Jonathan Austin, and worked with over 500 cast, crew, and extras. We just started a Kickstarter campaign to take the movie to film festivals and to a wider audience. You can help by sharing the link with your friends and family.

In my spare time, I train in kick boxing and MMA fighting, play poker, write, and spend time with my son at my residence in Pennsylvania.

Koran Dunbar
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